Blacks on Asians
blacks on asian porn

There's no bigger taboo in Asian culture than for an asian girl to have sex with a black guy. Watch as these fresh young asian girls become instant pariahs in their community as they take on their first black cock!


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Ann Nanba On Top
Ann Nanba is all dressed up and ready to show Dave that she can play games with the rest of them. Exerting her dominant side, she uses her feet to play with Dave's thick meat rod. She then squats on his face and takes a ride with her hairy honey pot, She then shows off her masterful cock sucking skills, then finishes him off by fucking him until he cums on her chest and stomach!


Nana Black Cock Queen
Dressed in a sexy red baby doll that shows off her flawless body, Nana takes on 3 hung black studs at a bar. Showing off the kind of oral skills that make most women jealous, she willingly takes 3 hot loads in her hot luscious mouth!


Naho Ozawa Smooth Sex
Gorgeous Naho Ozawa is the type of woman who just oozes sex from every pore of her body. She also knows what she wants sexually. In her case, black cock is on the top of her list of sexual tastes! Here she passionately fucks a black dude who winds up shooting a nice load on her chest!


Mitsu Amai Tit for Tat
While sitting in the employees lockeroom, Mitsu is confronted by a co-worker who shows her an image of her fucking the president fo the company. He threatens to email the picture to every employee in the company unless she gets down and dirty with him. Leaving her no choice but to go with the flow, she proceeds to masturbate for him, then allows him to finger her to orgasm. She then returns the favor and sucks him off until he comes in her hot little mouth! Talk about sex in the work place!


Yuka & Rinka Jacked by Soldiers
Yuka and her friend Rinka are having fun in the park when they are stumbled upon a group of black soldiers who've been drilling near by. The soldiers take full advantage of their superior numbers to force the girls to satisfy their horny urges by giving them head right out in the open. With no where to run and no where to hide, the girls have no choice but to give in and become the center of the horny hordes desires!


Ann Nanba Double Teamed
Pretty little Ann Nanba is like a fragile porcelain doll. With small perky breasts a tight ass and flawless body, she has the type of looks that would make a geisha jealous. Lucky Dave is going to be the man to initiate her into the world of black on Asian sex. After some gentle kissing and fondling, the two of them get down and dirty with some hot sucking and fucking that climaxes with Dave shooting his hot load on Ann's tight little ass!


Ryo Kiyohara Sushi Sandwich
Ryo Kiyohara finds herself in the middle of a sushi sandwich with two black studs who are eager to please. Taking their time, they warm her up by using their tongues and vibrators. Frantic with lust, Ryo gives both studs head, then lets both of them fuck her until they both drop their loads on her gorgeous face!


Nana Hot For Teacher
Hot teacher Nana is teaching a class on how to speak Japanese. One of her lucky students, Ace, gets some extra after school help that turns into a sexy fuck fest. Not only does Ace get to sample his teachers gorgeous body with his mouth and fingers, he also gets to fuck her bareback and cum in her sweet mouth. Nana does not hesitate to swallow every drop of her students black seed. Give this hot teacher an A+ for a job well done!


Chiharu Moritaka Cell Block Bitch
Chiharu has gotten a job as a prison guard. Unfortunatly for her, no one bothered to tell her about the dress code, which is making the brothers in the cell twice as horny. That's OK with her as she is more than willing to orally inspect each and every one of them! Who needs a conjugal visit when you have Chiharu around!


Ryo Sena Pt. 4
Ryo, now fully under the control of her black masters, now finds herself in the position of house slave. After serving her masters some wine, she is forced to climb on top of the dinning room table and urinate. Thinking it can't get much worse, she is forced to ride a dildo while one of her masters masturbates. After cumming several times, poor Ryo watches as her master spews his jizz all over her hairy pussy!


Ai Kawamoto: She Got Skills
Sexy Ai Kawamoto is back, this time to take on two black studs and their massive black joy sticks. Ai has the type of personality and body that just oozes sex with an oral skill set and sexual passion that can't be matched. An unabashed size queen, when it comes to black cock, her motto is "the bigger the better". Here she takes on Dave and his buddy, taking a nice load all over her mouth and pretty face!


Sumire Matsu Dominated Geisha
Sexy Geisha Sumire is taken against her will by two horny black studs who have the intention of showing her what sex is all about in America. Manipulating her body with their hands and tongues she is forced to pleasure both of them with her mouth and pussy untill they both cum hard in her mouth!


Mitsu Amai Job Interview
Lovely Mitsu Amai gets a crash course from Justin Slayer on how to get ahead in business. In this case, it's sucking and fucking off the boss in order to relaize her dream and form a new business partnership. Af first poor Mitsu is more than a bit apprehensive, but soon realizes that the best way to get along is to go along and use her flawless body to get what she wants! What a way to get a promotion!


Yu Takeuchi
When it comes to asian women, few can compare to the lovely Yu Takeuchi. Her body is literally perfect. She is both sexy and sensuous. She also has a perfect complexion. So what's her secret? Black cum of course. Here she passionately takes on a black stud after playng a round of tennis. Just one look at her face will show you how much she loves cock, especially black cock. After going through all the right moves, she takes her stud missionary style, who then jacks his load on her to give her a nice cum facial!!


The Seduction of Yayoi Pt. 3
Asleep and bound in chains in her cell, Yayoi is awakened by her captives, who then ravage her body with their hands and fingers. Led out of her cage on her hands and knees, she is then forced to urinate on the floor. Now totally degraded, she is led back to her cage where she will await her next session of degrading pleasures!


Ann Nanba Pretty Young Thing
Pretty little Ann Nanba is like a fragile porcelain doll. With small perky breasts a tight ass and flawless body, she has the type of looks that would make a geisha jealous. Lucky Dave is going to be the man to initiate her into the world of black on Asian sex. After some gentle kissing and fondling, the two of them get down and dirty with some hot sucking and fucking that climaxes with Dave shooting his hot load on Ann's tight little ass!


Yuka Haneda Black Cock Lover
All it takes is just one look to realize that sexy little Yuka Haneda loves everything about sex, especially when it comes to sucking large black dicks. Here she takes on a black stud who gives her all she can handle. After a session of sloppy oral, Yuka's perfect body is brought to heights of pure sexual delight. The session ends when she takes a nice hot load of black demon seed in her hot mouth!


Yuhno Hoshi
Yuhno is the center of attention in a video shoot with a black stud. While she considers herself to be a professional, she is totally unprepared for what her partner has in store for her. To say that this black dude's cock is huge would be a complete understatement. It's so long that Yuhno can barely get a quarter of it in her mouth. In fact, the length of this studs meat member is so big that it would scare off most asian women, but not Yuhno. She takes as much of it as possible in her tight little honey hole. Ready to explode, the stud splatters his gobs of black goo all over her beautiful face!


Ai Kawamoto: She Got Skills
Ai Kawamoto speaks perfect english. She also has a perfect body. To top it off, she has the kind of oral skills that would make the most seasoned porn star look like an amateur. Ready and willing, she takes on a black stud with a thick slab of black meat. What goes on next is a blistering session of oral delights that end with a nice creamy load all over Ai's adorable little face!


Nanako Yoshioka Revenge Fuck Pt. 2
Taken by her to an unknown location, the unconcious Nanaka is awakened by her capitves and forced to submit to their deviant sexual whims. With their tongues and fingers, they allow her to experience the feelings of both pain and pleasure for the first time. After giving each of them head, she is foced to fuck both of them. Slowly, as her pussy takes every inch of black cock, her feelings of fear turn into lust, as she allows her now willing pussy to take a hot load of black seed!


Kureha Momiji Two For Pleasure
Kureha is back to double her pleasure as she takes on Dave and his friend. Kureha is double teamed in more ways than one as the boys use two sets of fingers on her, two large vibrators, two sets of tongues, and of course their two large cocks to pleasure her. To top it all off, Kureha gets two hot loads shot on her pretty face!


Fuuka Nanasaki
Sweet and inquisitive Fuuka looks more like she should be in college studying for her exams rather than studying the merits of black dick. Here she finds herself face to face with a slab of salty black meat. After some gentle fondling and foreplay, Fuuka and her black lover get down to some hot fucking. The scene ends with the stud spraying his hot jizz all over her pretty face!


Ryo Kiyohara Big Load Swallower
The adorable Ryo Kiyohara is back to take on David and his huge hunk of black meat. Ryo's smiling face quickly turns to a look of ecstasy as her sensitive honey pot is ravaged and manipulated by David's fingers. After returning the favor with her mouth, Ryo is fucked bareback to a point of primal sexual satisfaction that she has never experienced before. The scene ends with Ryo greedily swallowing David's hot load!


Yui Komiya Pt. 2
Submissive size queen Yui Komiya gets herself into more than she bargained for when she acquiesces to being chained and blind folded by a black stud that she's just met. She has no idea what's in store for her as he uses his fingers, a dildo and vibrator to manipulate her body almost to the point of unconsciousness. He then assaults her tiny pussy with his huge African black snake, bringing her to screams of primal lust! The scene ends with poor Yuri taking a huge load of black seed inside her unprotected cunt!


Risa Misaki Hairy Pussy Fuck Pt. 3
The oh so adorable and oh so slutty Risa is back to show off her hot and hairy pussy. Using her superlative body, she sucks and fucks her black stud until he shoots a nice hot load all over her pouty little face!


Yuri Kousaka Language of Sex
Sweet Yuri speaks no english, and understands very little when spoken to her. So what does she do when two blacks studs attempt to get into her tight little panties? She finds out that the language of sex is much like the language of love, universwa!l Before she knows what's hit her, she is greedily sucking on both studs cocks and taking both in her hot little cunt! The scene ends with both studs jacking their loads on her adorble face!


Ryo Sena Pt. 3
Thinking she had found a way of escape from her unlocked cage, chained and collared Ryo is confronted by her black masters, who promptly put her back in her place and their sex slave. After ravaging her already sore cunt with their fingers, they proceed to force her to give each one of them head. They then take turns fucking her, with each one dropping a nice hot load of baby batter inside her unprotected womb!


Ai Kawamoto
When will she ever learn? Sexy Mo Aizawa thinks she is auditioning for a cafe owner and his friends. She has no idea that they also intend on sampling her goods. After servicing the black studs orally, she is used as a cum dump, taking load after load of hot black seed inside her tight little twat!


Nanako Yoshioka Revenge Fuck
A black baseball player decides to get back at his over aggressive manager by fucking his girlfriend, the beautiful Nanako Yoshioka. Meeting her at her apartment, he wastes no time in forcing himself upon her and tearing away at her clothes. After some fingering and rough pussy play, Nanako is forced to suck the aggressive studs cock and then submit her body to his huge member. Instead of pulling out, the vengeful stud lets loose a hot load of black seed inside Nanako's fertile pussy in the hopes that she will get knocked up. Far from done with her, he carries her off to an unkown location where she will once again be taken against her will.


Sweet & sexy Nana stops into an eatery for a bite to eat. What's on the menu? Black Cock of course! Finding a black stud hanging out, she uses her supple mouth, lips and breasts to get him off until he drops his hot jizz in her pouty mouth. Not wanting to waste this chance opportunity, she greedily swallows every drop!


Ryo Kiyohara
The word that best describes the always smiling Ryo Kiyohara is adorable. She also has another wonderfull attribute, the fact that she is always willing to try somthing new, especially when it comes to sex. Never having been with a black man before poses no problem for our slutty litte whore, as she pleases a black stud for the first time! First she allows him to fondle and manipulate her pussy. She then reciprocates by sucking him off until he shoots his black love goblets all over her face!


Marin & Shiho Slutty Asian Cuties
Marin and Shiho are always smiling, like two school girls in a candy store. They better like dark chocolate, because Big Dave has enough for both of them. Of course, these two cuties know just what to do when it comes to Dave and his humongous Alabama Black snake. After some major fucking and sucking, Dave finally shoots a nice heavy load of his love goo on Marin's pretty face.


Kureha Momiji Bareback Fuck
Kureha is back to take on another huge black cock. Our large breasted asian size queen does not disapoint as she masterfully plays her lovers skin flute like the expert that she is!


Yuhko Sakurai Pt. 3
Slutty asian whore Yuhko is back to once again show us why she loves black cock so much! Never one to waste an opportunity, she once again takes on three black dudes. After some intense fondling and clit manipulation by the boys, Yuhko gets down and dirty with them, allowing all three to fuck her to the point of ecstasy and then useing her pretty face as a cum magnet!


Miho Pt. 4
Miho is a sucker for a man in a suit, especially when it's a black man. Here she takes on two well dressed black studs who use her body just the way she wants them to. Always the lady, she shows both of them what it's like to truly be with a hot and passionate woman. Sucking and fucking both of them like a low gutter whore, this highly vocal asian slut gets what she deserves in the end, a hot load on her face to go along with her pearl necklace.


Risa Misaki Hairy Pussy Fuck Pt. 2
The adorable Risa is back to show the world that she takes a back seat to no one when it comes to pleasing black men! Here she becomes the center of a Black-on-Asian sandwich as she takes on Dave and his friend. The scene ends with the ever passionate Risa taking two loads on her chest and face!


The Seduction of Yayoi Pt. 2
Still a captive behind bars,Yayoi has no choice but to give in to the whims of her two black masters. Entering her cell, they force her to masturbate against her will. They then force her to suck both of their cocks until each one blows a nice heavy load in her not so willing mouth!


Sumire Passionate for Black Cock
Sumire is more than just a complete whore for black cock. To her sex with black men is an art that is to be savored and done slowly. Wearing nothing more than a g-string and fishnet stockings, she makes deep passionate love to her black lover until her blows his load all over her belly!


Anna Suzuki Pt. 3
The only thing that sweet little Annie loves more than a black dick is two black dicks. She also loves to have her hot little body worked over by tongues and vibrators to get her all worked up! After that, anything goes! Here she becomes so overwhelmed with pleasure that she sucks and fucks her studs until they cum on her body and her adorable little face!


Aya Pt. 3 (Heavenly Nurse)
Aya is back, this time around working as a nurse. Her patient is a well hung black stud who has injured both of his hands. Ever the loving caregiver, Aya feeds him, then gives him a sponge bath. Things then heat up when she decides to make him forget his pain by sucking him off and giving him a rim job. She finishes him off by riding him, cowgirl style, and jerking him off until he cums. All doctors visits should be this good!


Ryo Sena Pt. 2
Just when she thought she was safe, slutty little whore Ryo is again forced to submit to her black masters, who bound her and lead her to a cage, where they force her to submit to their degrading whims. Ryo has no choice but to give both studs head and allow them to fuck her until they have had their fill of her. By the end of the session, she is so completely humiliated that all she can do is crawl out of the cage and wait for them to do their bidding again!


Maki Mizusawa Elegant Slut
The elegant looking Maki Mizusawa is all dolled up and hanging at the bar when she suddenly finds herself the object of the attention of two horny black dudes. Taken against her will, she is forced to give head to both of them until they blow their loads in her hot mouth!


Saori & Yuka Pt. 2
Saori and Yuka are back, this time to share not one, but two black studs. This scene could be called every asian girls wildest fanatsy as both girls take turns fucking and sucking their studs until they both cum hard and long inside in their mouths!


Kureha Momiji Big Breasted Slut Whore
With large breasts and zoftic figure, Kureha does not possess the body of a typical asian girl. She also does not have the attitude of one either. Kureha totally loves sex, and is willing to use all of her ample attributes to get her black stud off. She uses luscious mouth and tits to get him off until he finally spews in her willing mouth!


This long scene features Shizuku, a shy and pettite yet passionate woman. Dressed in a sailor style school girl suit, Shizuku does everything imaginable with her black lover. From fondling and kissing to passionate oral and fucking, it's all here. The scene ends with our horny little vixen getting a nice creamy load on her face!


Yuka's Threesome
Jealous of her friend Saori, Yuka decides to partake in a threesome of her own as she takes on Justin Slayer and his friend. Both dudes can hardly contain themselves as their attention focuses on filling Yuka's hairy littly cunnie with their massive black schlongs. This is an incredible session, with Yuka getting the fucking of her life. In the end, she takes two two hot loads of cum inside her fertile and unprotected pussy. So much for jealous!


Saori Doubles Up
Sexy Saori Setouchi might be on the pettite side, but she certainly knows how to handle any size cock, especially when it's a black cock. Here she takes takes on two horny black studs with huge throbbing members. After some hot and heavy sucking and fucking, Saori ends the session by taking one load all over her hairy pussy and the other inside her fertile asian honeypot!


Yui Komiya Pt. 1
Yui is one of those asian women that loves to try new things. Tired of the size of the average asian man's cock, she finally feels that it's time to experience something say, a bit larger. Here she is introduced to Will, the infamous Black Cock Bastard, who's cock is so huge it could be mistaken for a policeman's night stick. Yoi definately gets more than she bargained for, as she can barely fit Will's Alabama black snake inside her mouth and pussy. The session ends with her mouth literally overflowing with hot black seed!


Aya Pt. 2
It's a no condoms allowed free for all as gorgeous exotic dancer Aya is back to show a group of black dudes what a gang bang is all about. Dressed in a school girls outfit, our pretty little whore does every black cock in sight until there's nothing left to fuck! Aya truly is a Black Jizz Queen!


Saori & Yuka Pt. 1
Gorgeous asian vixens Saori and Yuka love to share everything, especially when it comes to black cock. Here, a black stud stumbes upon them while the two are in the midst of some passionate kissing and titty sucking. Excited with the possibilities, they both jump at the chance to double team the stud. After some serious sucking and fucking, the scene ends with the stud shooting a hot load of black jizz in Saori's mouth and Saori then sharing the load by letting it drip from her mouth into Yuka's, who promptly swallows the whole thing!


Anna Suzuki Pt. 2
Sweet and sexy Anna is like a porcelain doll. She's so sweet and gentle that you almost want to handle her with kid gloves. Here she takes on a black stud that knows how to treat her right. The end of the session cums when she takes it doggie style and gets a nice load of black jizz spewed on her adorable face!


Marin Takes On Cali Pt. 4
The Marin tour of Califormia makes it's final stop as our insatiable slut ends her adventure with a hot three way session with two well hung black stallions. To Marin, sex is truly fun, and she proves it by fucking and sucking everyway imaginable. By the end of the session, she is covered in hot gooey black cream with a look of sweet satisfaction on her face!


Risa Misaki Hairy Pussy Fuck
With a great personality, adorable looks, small firm titties and nice firm ass, Risa has it all! She also has an extremly hairy pussy that she just loves to have black studs fuck! Risa also knows how to please her man as well, as she sucks and fucks him until he cums all over her pretty little face!


Miho Pt. 3
Miho is back to show why she is truly one of the queens of Black on Asian sex. Here she uses her mouth and supple body to take her black lover to new heights of sexual satisfaction. She ends the session by getting fucked doggie style and taking a nice hot load of black jizz on her firm round ace.


Ryo Sena
Ryo is sitting on some steps, minding her own business, when along come two black dudes out looking for a good time. Resisting their advances, she hurries into a building, hoping for a quick escape. Taking the elevator down to the basement, she stumbles into a room with a bar. Finding no one there, she then goes behind the bar in an attempt to hide. Unfortuantly for her, the two dudes have been tracking her the whole time. When they finally find her, they force her against her will to give both of them head until both of them cum hard and long inside her hot mouth!


Mo Aizawa Dance Audition
Sweet Mo is applying to become an exotic dancer at a private gentleman's dance club. The owner and one of the customers decide that they need her to show them what she can do before they make any decision. After a brief dance, both men strip her down and proceed to work her over with their mouths, fingers and a highly effective vibrator. The session ends with Mo deep throating and swallowing a hot load of black jizz!


Hitomi Ebihara
With an adorable face, perfectly proportioned breasts and a perfect, small ass, sweet Hitomi has what some fans of asian women might call, the perfect body. Here she meets up with well hung black stud John for a first time black-on-asian encounter. Because Hitomi understands and speaks english, nothing is lost in translation. After starting off slow with some gentle kissing, Hitomi lets her inhibitions run wild, as she allows John to manipulate her body in every way imaginable. After some serious fucking and sucking, the session ends with her getting a nice load all over her face and mouth!


Seduction of Sumire
Sexy Sumire Matsu is enticed by a strange black dude to go to an upstairs apartment. There, in a darkened room, she finds another black man, sitting in a chair, waiting for her. After showing both strangers her nearly flawless body, she kneels down and gives both of them head. Gagging the whole time, she eventually manages to get both studs to cum hard in her willing mouth!


The Abduction Of Yuki Pt. 3
In this final session, Yuki has, by this time, become a full blown black cock junkie. She ignores all of her previous inhabitions as she succumbs to her deep desire to be bred by black cock. In the end, despite the fact that she has received the fucking of her life, this little asian whore still pleads with her studs for even more black cum to be pumped into her horny hole!!


Ryo Takamiya
You've heard of the expression, "biting off more than you can chew"? Petite and innocent Ryo Takamiya has found herself in that very situation. Not only is she involved with a black dude who loves to use bondage techniques on her, but to top it off, he has a cock that is so long that it could be mistaken for a night stick. This stud is an expert when it comes to working over sweet Asian honey holes, and Ryo will be no exception to the rule. In the end, he unleashes a hot creamy load inside her tight little pussy.


The Seduction of Yayoi
Yayoi Yanagida is a girl of many talents. Not only is she an accomplished flutist, but as it turns out, an accomplished skin flutist! While playing an engagement in a small bar, she is abducted by three black soldiers who take her to a seedy room with a cage. Hung by chains from her wrists, she is eventually taken and ravaged against her will by all three studs, who each dump a large healthy load of black seed into her!


Marin Takes On Cali Pt. 3
The Marin tour of Califormia continues with our sweet piece taking on another black stud with a giant cock, The average asian babe would never dream of taking on a tool like this, but then again, Marin is not your average asian chick. Our little whore does what she does best, sucking and fucking black cock until she gets a nice load right on her pretty chin!


Aya Pt. 1
Gorgeous exotic dancer Aya has all the right moves, especially when it comes to black cock. There's no stage fright here as she uses her tongue, lips, pussy and even her feet to get her lover off. All this and she still finds time to get herself off when the stud uses a vibrator on her!


Yuhko Sakurai Pt. 2
Chesty Asian whore Yuhko is back, this time with three black studs to satisfy her black cock cravings. After having her large breasts worked on, she takes turns giving each one head. Doing everything she can not to gag, she takes two separate loads in her mouth and finishes off the session by having the last dude shoot his load on her firm round ass!


A taste of Sayaka
Adorable Sayaka has never been with a black man before, although she has always wondered what it would be like. The wait is finally over as she becomes the object of two well hung black studs who know exaclty what to do with her. Easily seduced, the two studs kiss, fondle and eat her pussy, then use vibrators to bring her to orgasm. She then allows both studs to fuck her bareback, even though she is not on birth control. Both studs dump their potent hot loads of black seed inside her tight, fertile asian honey pot!


Miho Pt. 2
Miho is back and this time she's a little more naughty than usual. She takes complete control of her black lover by teasing him and going down on him until he's rock hard. She then strips naked and proceeds to suck and grind on his hard ebony love stick until he cums hard!


Anna Suzuki Pt. 1
Wearing a school girl outfit, pettite Anna Suzuki shows off her dominating side as she sucks off and then fucks her submissive blindfolded black lover while he sits in a chair!


The Abduction Of Yuki Pt. 2
In this second session, Yuki is forced to wear a leash and kneel before her black masters. Submitting to their will, she spreads her legs and allows them to abuse her tender pussy with their fingers and a vibrator. She ends the session by giving each on of them head until they blow their hot loads in her mouth and on her face!


Nurie is entertaining two black actors that have just finished shooting a samarai movie. Intrigued, she starts asking questions about the movie and it's various scenes. The two studs eventually offer to show her how a kissing scene works. She gets more than she bargained for when she becomes the star of a full blown three-way that ends with her getting a nice sloppy facial!


Sexy and voluptuous Marika is having drinks with two black stud who admit to her that they both really like here. Not wanting to choose between the two of them, she instead takes on both of them showing both what kind of a slut for big black cock she really is!


Miku Pt. 2
Miku is back to please another one of her black studs. In the truest traditions of the geisha, Miku satisfies her lover using her tongue, hands and body until he unleashes a hot load of black jizz all over her pouty little face!


Pretty Lady
Pretty Maki Mizusawa is innocently walking down the street when she happens upon a black stranger who tries to strike up a conversation with her. Tired of getting nowhere, the black stud grabs her and pushes her into a building where he fondles her and forces her to suck his dick. He then fucks her and cums inside her fertile asian honeypot!


Sweet Little Fuwari wants to learn english. She meets with David, a local tutor. David winds up teaching her more than she bargained for as she learns what it's like to be fucked by a stiff black mamba!


The Abduction Of Yuki Pt. 1
Yuki is walking down a deserted street when she is suddenly accosted by three black strangers. Taken against her will, she is brought to a holding cell in a basement where she is bound by chains. The mysterious studs eventually return, where all three take turns abusing her!


Miho Pt.1
Miho Maeshina is not your stereotypical japanese woman. She might look like a sweet and proper lady on the outside, but on the inside she's a horny and willing slut for black dick, who will do anything to satisfy her lover. Here she slowly licks, sucks and fucks a black stud until he gives her pretty face a black cum facial!


Marin Takes On Cali Pt. 2
Marin is back, where this time she visits the office of a black stud. She wastes no time before she wraps her pouty lips around his massive meat rod. The blow job ends with him cumming on her mouth and her letting it drip down into the palm of her hand!


Miku Pt. 1
Sweet Miku normally likes to take it slow with her black lovers by kissing them and letting them fondle her tight little body. Once she gets started though, she becomes a complete slut for black cock. Watch as this little whore fucks and sucks her black stud until he cums all over her chest and tits!


Mo Aizawa
Adorable little Mo has always wanted to be a dancer. She's been working hard at her job as a waitress at a club in order to one day fulfill her dream. A new opportunity arises when her black boss wants to make her his trusted partner. They consummate their agreement with a hot round of fucking, with Mo ending up on one of the tables with a nice load of fresh black cum on her sweet little face!


After offering her black stud a cold drink, lovely Marika then offers her supple young body to him. After fucking him in every position imaginable, she finishes him off by allowing him to cum all over her pretty little face!


Marin Takes On Cali Pt. 1
Marin is visitng America for the first time. She's not interested in meeting celebrities or visitng Hollywood. Her only intention is to fuck and suck as much black cock as possible!


Naughty Nurses Pt. 2
This little asian beauty knows that there's more than one way to take a temperature. Instead of a thermometer, she uses her mouth and tongue and hot tight pussy to take her black studs temperature!


At first glance, you wouldn't think that sweet, innocent looking Tsubomi was anything but a nice girl. Give her a pair of black studs to play with, and she turns into a ravenous super slut, who's only mission is to satisfy and please black cock!


A Taste of Lemon
Pretty little Lemon is so cute and innocent looking. When you get her around two black studs whith massice members, she turns into a full blown slut for black cock, who willingly gives her body to her black masters to use any way they want.


The Sensi
It's another case where the master becomes the student. This time it's sexy Yumi's turn to get a taste of her own medicine. First her two students work her over with a large vibrator, then get down to fucking her silly until they cum on her face.


Gorgeous dancer Yoko knows how to shake her sweet body in order to get a rise out of any black hunk she meets. This time she's met her match as she takes on a black stud with a massive "Disco Stick." With a body that's made for fucking black cock, she shows that she has all the right moves!


Kung Fu Cunt
Mizuho normally has no problem teaching her students. This time around though, she has a pupil that has more than she can handle in the form of a massive black cock. Watch, as the pupil becomes the master as he pounds her with his massive black samarai stick!


Naughty Nurse
This cute little japanese nurse knows that there's more than one way to take the temperature of a big black stud!


Absolute Angie
Dressed as a school girl, sweet and innocent Angie becomes a lusty cum dump for a bunch of horny guys, one in particular, a black stud who can barely fit in her tiny asian honey hole!


Akina Ishiki
Gorgeous Akina Ishiki is a Japanese hottie with a perfect body and gorgeous face that's just made for fucking black cock. Watch as she takes on a black stud with a cock that's so huge it could help launch the space shuttle!


Erii Akira
Adorable Erii Akira is on a hunt for black cock. She finally finds the stud she's looking for in the backyard of a house. What follows is some interracial Black-on-Asian fun that's sure to please!


Bound & Gagged
Pretty little asian hottie Nazomi is bound and gagged by a black stud with a gigantic cock. Despite the fear that she will be split open, she allows him to use her body any way he wants. After using a vibratior and making her squrt all over, Black Master fucks her pettite body, eventually cumming inside her fertile womb.


Double Team
Friends Nozomi Ichinoe & Satomi Kobayashi team up to take on a black stud with a torpedo sized cock. This guy is so fucking big that they can barely fit his massive meat bat in their mouths and tight asian honey holes. The girls don't let a size problem" interfere with getting themselves off.

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